Individual Consumer, Employer and Account file

Data under the rubric of Individual Consumer information is the central source of data for identity for all loans made to individuals. The fields cover name, identifying numbers, addresses, and other contact information.Where applicable, this file also contains the individual’s employment data. Employment data is valuable both for matching (or establishing identity) and for risk assessment especially as it can speak to capacity. Type of employment and gross monthly income assist in establishing the ability of a borrower to afford a loan. Employer data helps match a client to an account, though again mismatches on employment data will not necessarily indicate different individuals if Consumer change jobs regularly.

In this same file, the Consumer’s corresponding account information is included and shows the actual performance of their credit facility.

Quick Stats

File Name: Individual Consumer

File Code: CE

No of columns: 70

Mandatory: 32

Conditional: 12

Optional: 26

Update frequency: Monthly

Dependencies: none

DSTv 4.1 Pages 34-42

Sample File

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