Data Submission for Digital Credit

Data Submission for Digital credit Produ

Data Submission for Digital Credit Products 

A step by step guide for financial institutions offering digital credit.

About this Module

The dramatic increase in Kenya’s formal financial inclusion from 26.7% in 2006 to 82.9% in 2019 has largely been attributed to the widespread adoption of digital technology and innovations by financial sector players. In recent years, digital loans have transformed the credit market in Kenya. The building blocks of digital credit (mobile phones, identity-linked digital footprints, automated credit scoring, agent networks and credit information) have enabled providers to deliver loans quickly and at scale. For millions of adults, the possibility of borrowing from their phones has opened the door to private, formal consumer credit for the first time. This evolution has necessitated reforms in the frequency with which data is submitted to credit bureaus.

Digital credit is premised on a vibrant payments system and a responsive credit information sharing mechanism. Financial institutions (Commercial Banks, MFBs, Fin-Techs, SACCO's among other lenders) have leveraged on digital credit in a bid to improve their bottom-line. However, new challenges have emerged. Loan stacking and over-borrowing have threatened the existence of the digital credit market. It is in this light that the Technical Working Group (TWG) reviewed the Data Specification Template (DST) to incorporate the Mobile Facilities file that supports daily and real-time data submission to the CRB.


This module takes you through the data submission process for short-term loans i.e. below 30 days that are principally offered on mobile. It equips staff with the requisite knowledge on data submission for digital credit products. The module includes a quiz and a data submission exercise to test your understanding of the subject.

Module Objectives

By the end of this module, the learner should be able to:​

  1. Name a file for submission

  2. Prepare the Mobile Facilities file for submission 

  3. Address the challenges of the digital lending space

  4. Appreciate the relevant pieces of Legislation

  5. Appreciate "enabler" provisions of the draft CRB Regulations, 2019


You will need to have taken the following modules;

1.0 Basics of CIS

2.0 Demystifying Credit Reports

Quick Stats

File Name: Mobile facilities

File Code: MF

No of columns: 31

Mandatory: 25

Conditional: 2

Optional: 4

Update frequency: Daily


DST v4.1 Pages 69-71

Knowledge Checker


You will use the following manuals and resources to take this module:

  • The Data Specification Template Version 4.1

  • The Data Validation Rules

  • The Industry Data Validation and Submission Tool