About the Daily Payments File

This file will report any payment(s) made into a credit facility on a given date. If more than one payment is received in a loan on a given day, the lender will sum the payments as the value of field 5.1.11. Other fields should be populated with the new status of the account after the payments. If a payment to an account was done erroneously (and subsequently updated at the Bureau), this file can be used to update the Bureau, with a negative payment value. This file is the standard template to be used when a lender wishes to make an adhoc update to the Bureau (e.g. when a client request their current loan status to be updated to the Bureau). Lenders who wish to update the Bureau on a daily basis will be required to use this file to update payments (or reversal of payments) into accounts on a given day. The updated status should be reflected in the subsequent monthly batch submission.

Benefits to the financial institution

Institutions that submit data on a daily or real-time basis have the following benefits  to their advantage

Better customer experience

No negative publicity especially on social media

Quick Stats

File Name: Daily Payment File

File Code: DP

No of columns: 18

Mandatory: 13

Conditional: 5

Optional: 0

Update frequency: Daily

Dependencies: CE CI

DST v4.1 Pages 69-70

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