Group Guarantee File

This file lists members of a group in a group-lending methodology. All members of a group are unified by the Group ID. A member of the group who obtains a facility under the group-lending methodology will have a record in the Individual File with Field 4.2.60 filled in with the Group ID of the group he/she belongs to. The borrower should also have an entry in the Group Guarantee File.


Some group methodologies have sub-groups, where members of a sub-group directly guarantee a loan of any of the members in that sub-group. In this case, the lender must assign a sub-group ID to each sub-group within a group.


If a sub-group exists within a group (thus a Sub-Group ID has been filled), only members listed with the same sub-group will be considered as guarantors of the loan. If no sub-group exists, all members of the group are considered as direct guarantors of the loan.

This file should be filled in by lenders carrying out group lending facilities.

Quick Stats

File Name: Group Guarantor

File Code: GG

No of columns: 22

Mandatory: 12

Conditional: 2

Optional: 8

Update frequency: Monthly

Dependencies: none

DSTv 4.1 Pages 66-68

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