Guarantor Information File

A guarantor is defined as a person or entity that agrees to be responsible for another’s debt or performance under a contract if the borrower fails to pay or perform. The records submitted in this file refer to persons or entities that meet the definition.


Guarantor information assists in providing information on the extent to which a borrower is exposed in their guarantees on the loans of others. This data also assists in assessing the risk of loans of an individual as guarantors mitigate the risk of default.


As a rule of thumb, individuals or entities who signed as a guarantor on a loan contract are considered guarantors and should be included in this data file. However, Credit Providers can use their own criteria to decide subject to the condition that the entities listed as guarantors are actually liable to pay for a facility that falls in arrears.

Guarantor information is mandatory if it exists for a loan. This includes group guarantors.

Quick Stats

File Name: Guarantor Information

File Code: GI

No of columns: 41

Mandatory: 17

Conditional: 5

Optional: 19

Update frequency: Monthly

Dependencies: none

DSTv 4.1 Pages 49-53

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