Basics of Credit Information Sharing (CIS)


About this Module

As a primary source of capital for individuals and businesses, a well-functioning credit market is essential for economic growth. Credit Information Sharing (CIS) has emerged as an effective mechanism to improve access to credit for borrowers and the quality of credit assessment by lenders. This module endeavours to deepen understanding of the CIS mechanism also known as Credit Reporting. Moreover, it strives to highlight the enablers of a robust CIS mechanism and products offered by Credit Reference Bureaus (CRBs). It covers the various key players of the CIS mechanism. Additionally, you will find the fundamental details of a sound and effective CIS mechanism.

Module Objectives

On completion of this module, the learner will have an improved understanding of:

  1. Fundamentals of the CIS mechanism

  2. Key players in the CIS mechanism

  3. Products offered by Credit Reference Bureaus

  4. Characteristics and benefits of a sound and effective CIS mechanism