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COVID 19 began as a health pandemic that slowly morphed into a financial crisis for individuals and corporates alike. Banking sector regulators have supported lenders with a raft of monetary policies to support the financial sector weather the new coronavirus. As lenders implement restructures and repayment holidays to support individual livelihoods and business recovery for SMEs. They should equally take note the impact of financial reporting with particular respect to IFRS 9.

The IFRS 9 standard (effective 01/01/2018)requires financial institutions to forecast the expected credit losses s opposed to the earlier accounting standard - IAS39 that recognised credit losses after they were incurred.

CIS Kenya and CARE Risk Solutions discuss the application of IFRS 9 standard for financial assets facing a significant increase in credit risk (SICR) occasioned by COVID 19. Also, learn the relationship between internal ratings, risk-based pricing and IFRS9.

CARE Risk Solutions has a wealth of experience in supporting lenders to run their operations and reporting functions. This webinar offers professionals in the financial sector an opportunity to learn and iron out problematic areas of IFRS 9 in the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic.

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CARE Risk Solutions has been recognised for their implementations on IFRS 9.

“Best in class IFRS-9 ECL Modelling - 2019”

“Technoviti Awards 2020 – For Innovation in IFRS”

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